Rick Perry Closed Texas Deficit by Using Federal Stimulus Dollars?

Rick Perry
Is Rick Perry a true conservative? Many limited government advocates in-the-know say 'NO'. Here's a few reasons why. Image via. Gage Skidmore.

By the Left Coast Rebel

I don't know about you but the following story sure seems like an instant disqualifier of fiscal conservative bona-fides, adherence to limited government tenets, integrity and overall honesty to me.

Via Reason.com:

As governor of Texas, Rick Perry leaned on federal stimulus funds more than any other governor, using about $6 billion in federal stimulus funds to close roughly 97 percent of his state's budget shortfall in 2010. But that didn't stop him from complaining loudly about the stimulus legislation. "I have been vocal in my opposition" to the law, he wrote in a letter to President Obama agreeing to accept federal stimulus funds in Texas, because it "will burden future generations with unprecedented levels of debt."
Do you guys (and gals) really think that a governor that used federal funds to balance his state's books while castigating the stimulus will be the fiscal conservative warrior that we desperately need?

More from the CNN Money article linked in the Reason post above:

Turns out Texas was the state that depended the most on those very stimulus funds to plug nearly 97% of its shortfall for fiscal 2010, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Texas, which crafts a budget every two years, was facing a $6.6 billion shortfall for its 2010-2011 fiscal years. It plugged nearly all of that deficit with $6.4 billion in Recovery Act money, allowing it to leave its $9.1 billion rainy day fund untouched.

"Stimulus was very helpful in getting them through the last few years," said Brian Sigritz, director of state fiscal studies for the National Association of State Budget Officers, said of Texas.

Even as Perry requested the Recovery Act money, he railed against it. On the very same day he asked for the funds, he set up a petition titled "No Government Bailouts."
So... Perry railed against Obama's socialism yet oinked at the federal trough (thus disallowing the tough necessary choices in his state).

It doesn't just stop with federal stimulus and 2012. Peter Suderman also writes about Perry's 2012 re-stacking-the-chairs-on-the-Titanic economics:
According to a report by ABC News, Perry's budget also closed a big part of its budget gap by delaying a $2.3 billion education payment a single day. Thanks to that one-day delay, the payment will fall into the next budget year, and therefore will not technically affect the current year's budget.

This sure sounds extremely similar to the goings-on in the People's Capital of Sacramento.

So, while all the idiots of the 24/7 news cycle play us for fools with chicken-little-gotcha-Perry! games remember the important facts above because a guy accepting federal funds while working the opposite angle will surely play us all in the end.

Rick Perry also has crony capitalism on his Texas résumé. How nice.

Good God, people, have we not learned anything from big-government GOPism?

Don't fall for another George W. Bush progressive type!

Updated: A wake up call for conservatives thinking that Rick Perry is "The One" at The End of the American Dream: "14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would be a Really, Really Bad President"


  1. Vaccine mandate
    Rick Perry Admits Mistake on Gardasil-HPV Vaccine Decision
    Story link

  2. The only thing conservative about Perry is his religiosity.

  3. Im not a Perry supporter, but i have to defend him on a few points.

    First the "stimulus." let's remember that these are tax dollars that will be paid by all of us and our children. I opposed the spendulus with every fiber of my being, but when the infernal legislation passed you bet your sweet Jesus I claimed every tax credit i was entitled to. I was already planning on buying a house and the homebuyers tax credit inflated prices, so im damned sure going to claim it. My new house had old windows. Im damned sure going to take a tax credit to replace them with double-paned vinyls. Im damned sure going to take my mortgage interest deduction and use my VA loan. Id vote to get rid of most of these, but I file the tax returns I have, not the ones I want.

    Perry's state's citizens paid taxes. If i were governor, Id damn sure claw back some of that money to cover my state's expenses, especially since revenues are down and social services are up in a recession.

    Think about what Perry did: he closed almost ALL the gap with federal dollars. He could not have done that without spending cuts or austerity. In California, federal dollars came nowhere close to closing our budget gap. They took the federal money, spent it, spent some more, cut public services, and tried really, really hard to raise taxes. The budget gap already opened half a billion dollars here in the first month of the fiscal year, and Moonbeam's revenue projections are going to fall way short.

    Perry is a loser, and i wish he hadnt joined the race. He's just wasting oxygen amd campaign dollars. We will never have President Perry. Like Palin he made an OK governor and an OK cheerleader, but neither one is the star quarterback.

    He may be a dirtbag Republican, but he's better than just about any Democrat in the state. I cant overstate how disastrous it is to allow judicial appointments to be in Donkey hands. These judges make laws that last a lifetime! When we've got comfortable majorities, then we can start panning for gold.

    We also need to do a better job cultivaring young talent. Seriously, is this crowd of candidates really the beat we can do? Liberals are much better at recruiting and grooming people than we are. They are only good on paper, but for many voters, thats enough. Look at Zero!


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