"Poormongering" -video

By Proof

Here's Bill Whittle making an excellent comparison of what "poverty" in America really means.

"Poormongering" That's a good word. I like it!

"The richest poor people in the history of the world."
I have often noted that the "poor" in our country live longer and more comfortable lives than medieval kings. It's all a matter of whom you compare yourselves to.

"The real poverty in America is a poverty of dependency..."

And ingratitude. Rather than waking up every day, thankful for what we have, we as a people, rich and poor alike, constantly compare ourselves with those who have more and resent them for it and curse rather than bless our bounty and our freedom.

H/T I Own the World

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  1. Classic. I'm stealing it, from you, my blogging neighbor. I hope you are OK with that.

  2. Grant: Obama said spread the wealth, we say, "Spread the word"!


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