(PHOTO) Thursday, August 25, 2011 Great White Shark Spotted off Mission Beach?; Mission Beach Closed, Reopened Today

By the Left Coast Rebel

I had no idea Jaws was spotted yesterday at Mission Beach. Video from Fox 5 San Diego tells the story:

Via SignOnSD:

— A two-mile stretch of Mission Beach that was closed after a lifeguard spotted what was believed to be a great white shark was reopened Friday morning. Lifeguard officials said an advisory warning of the potential danger will remain in effect until noon.

The sighting was around 12:15 p.m. Thursday beyond the surf break in front of Lifeguard Tower 15, at the foot of Ventura Place, lifeguard Lt. Nick Lerma said.

The beach was closed a mile in each direction from the tower, between South Mission Beach jetty to Santa Clara Place.

Todd Rice, a San Diego lifeguard for 10 years, said he was paddling 30 yards off shore, on his knees on his rescue board, when he saw an 18-inch tall shark dorsal fin about 70 yards away, heading north.

Photo of lifeguards searching for the shark yesterday (hat-tip Fox 5 San Diego):


Heading north? Hmm. I was considering hitting the water and enjoying the warm weather this weekend. I think I'll go anyway but keep my eyes "peeled" (as my mother would say.)

Apparently an 18-inch dorsal fin puts the shark at approximately 10-feet long, which, by Great White standards is pretty small.

Here's a Google Map image of the area. Look closely. Can you see a fin?

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