On Cue: Team Obama Blames Boogeyman For Obama's Failure

We knew it was coming.

The Tea Party only gets credit if it didn't happen, if they didn't do it, if they didn't want it ― or if it is a cataclysmic disaster.

So when the mainstream press and soft conservatives eagerly dished out credit to the Tea Party for the Obama/Reid/Beohner credit limit deal, I, for one, was leery.

As it turns out, suspicion was justified. Doug Powers explains:
The “Tea Party downgrade” memo has been successfully circulated.

First up today is John Kerry. It’s some kind of hilarious to watch a big spending, pro bloated government liberal try to come across like a life-long hawk on cutting deficits, shrinking government and tackling the debt problem...

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, the Massachusetts Democrat called Standard & Poor’s lowering of the nation’s credit rating from AAA to AA+ as “without question, tea party downgrade.”

...Also today, David Axelrod referred to it as a “Tea Party downgrade,” as did Howard Dean.
The Tea Party emphatically rejected the backroom Obama/Reid/Beohner debt limit deal.

S&P followed. The rest of America agrees.

Now the cowards of Team Obama are shifting blame for their own failures to a popular but leaderless grassroots movement that has done everything in its power to avert the ruinous disasters that will ultimately send Team Obama crawling back to Chicago.

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