Obama in the 30s

My only question is, "Why did this take so long?!"

Okay, two questions, actually. Do you think he'll drop down to the freezing point?

Obama is eminently beatable, so please get involved in the primaries. It will be a great tragedy if we replace a socialist with a RINO.

Doug Powers: According to George Will, Obama is the 2012 Winner
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  1. Right,

    ..because Gallup and all of the other pollsters tortured math and skewed the samples so much to keep this lead balloon aloft. He will drift up and down around the 40 mark for the next few months. When the GOP candidate is announced, he may pick up a few points from the blowback by hard libs who fall in love with him again v. Perry or Romney.

    But any man who -- after deciding to go on that mastabatory three-day campaign bus trip (on our nickel) and THEN go on YET ANOTHER tone-deaf vacation with that huge-caboosed, lobster-sucking WIDE LOAD FLOTUS and NOT attending to his job -- is not serious about getting re-elected. He may actually just going through the motions so he can begin his retirement.


    The cool thing about the GOP candidates is that, despite running against each other, they are consistently firing off these devastating broadsides against Obama. Someone will hull him at the waterline and he will go down by the bow.

  2. @The War Planner

    Obama's hardly even voting present anymore. It's really astonishing.

  3. A lot of people lie to the pollsters 'cuz they don't want to seem racist, even to a stranger... that's why his policies poll horrible and personal approval has always ran a bit higher.

    Bottom line is the GOP could take 40 states running Snooki lol

  4. I got another question! What the *ell are the 39% thinking? Or are they catatonic? (Obamatonic)

  5. @RR

    Plus the undying support of the MSM.

  6. I must admit, I can't get enough of this particular tidbit of news. I have been waiting for it for far too long. Below 30 or bust!

  7. A very well thought out and well written post, my congratulations on a great job.

  8. Wow, that's shocking. That 39% of Americans are that stupid or oblivious.

  9. And the libs all claim this poll is a lie. Fools.

  10. @tammy

    A poll of likely voters would probably be worse for Obama. If anything, Gallup probably paints a rosy picture for BO.


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