Meredith Whitney, "Tea Party = Freaked out White Men Who are Unemployed" Rick Santelli, Tea Party Movement Founding Father, Responds

By the Left Coast Rebel

Banking analyst Meredith Whitney thought she could impress the limo-lib, I'm-already-rich-but-support-policies-ensuring-you-will-never-be cocktail crowd, disparaging Tea Party Americans as "unemployed freaked-out white men."

How nice:

In this clip Rick Santelli (founder of the Tea Party, by the way. I wrote my first LCR post, ever, about it here) does what we all must do in today's world -- stand up, fight back, shout if necessary, and never let leftist thugs intimidate or belittle you.

Also, Santelli's King George comment is simple and absolutely correct. I have said here many time in the last several years that today's statists -- in both political parties -- operate from a governance worldview that puts King George to shame. My wife and I took a historic tour here in dowtown Philly. The tour guide noted that property owners exorbitant King George levies for steps leading up to their homes, windows, closets... I commented to my wife that we haven't learned anything from history and that, in fact, today's socialist-progressive is likely far worse than King George's tyranny; the difference being that we let it happen on our watch.

Aside from race-baiting limo-lib Tea Party swipe from some stupid lib banker, the bigger truth is that black Americans -- by sheer percentages -- are the Great Recession's most adversely-affected group. I wonder what the response would be if a conservative said that this recession/depression only truly affected "freaked-out black men?"

Why is it that the first black president in this nation's history gets a pass on creating the worst African-American job market this nation has seen witnessed the Great Depression?


Via Newsbusters, hat-tip WC Varones.

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  1. I'm employed, but am freaked out. Freaked out by the evil, bigotry and downright evil that this administration continues to get away with. I'm starting to get freaked out by the pure stupidity by those who support this gangster group. Forget learning from history, how about current events. Look at what's going on England today for it's not too far in our future it's going to happen here as smaller version of it is already happening with the Knock out game and the riot at that fair. A few occurrences have happen in Southern CA (and I'll be there for 3 days later this months and I'm getting worried about actually going now) What will make it worse here is that Obama is supportive of the racist "victims" of capitalism, though he's more responsible than anyone for their plight (other than their own laziness and bigotry) of the "African Americans" in the country. Queen Elizabeth as reign Briton from an Empire to a Sh*thole. Obama, at the rate we're going, will reign a superpower democratic republic to a Banana Republic.


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