Man Arrested for Building Nuclear Device in Kitchen

By Proof

First it was lemonade stands, now the government doesn't want you building your own nuke reactor, either!

A Swedish man who kept a blog chronicling his attempts to build a homemade nuclear reactor in his apartment has shut down the project after being arrested by police and held under suspicion of breaching radioactive material safety laws. If convicted of an offence, he faces heavy fines or up to two years in jail.

Richard Handl, of rural Ängelholm, had quantities of radioactive radium and uranium, and was attempting to create a self-sustaining fission reaction similar to a nuclear power station, although on a vastly smaller scale.

In his apartment??? How would you like to be this guy's downstairs neighbor? You thought the upstairs neighbor leaving the tub running was bad? Apparently one of his earlier efforts caused a "meltdown" on his kitchen stove!

Got any neighbors who keep to themselves...maybe with a "hobby"? Any of 'em glow in the dark???

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