The Least Serious President in the History of the Republic™ Can Fix Social Security, No Sweat!

By Proof

And, he's got a bridge he can sell you!

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Social Security is not in crisis. We’re going to have to make some modest adjustments in order to strengthen it.”

-Barack Obama

Isn't that just amazing? Who knew? This must have just happened recently. Otherwise, why didn't he implement these "modest adjustments" during the first two years of his term, while his party held both the House and Senate? But, assuming that this "Road to Damascus" revelation came to him in the last six or seven months, why hasn't he called Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in to his office to reveal to them the "modest adjustments" they need to introduce so that Obama can sign them into law and save Social Security?

Why not? Because, truth be told, the "modest adjustments" are not that modest. There is no way to reform a massive entitlement like Social Security without causing someone or a lot of someones, major pain. And those someones vote.

If there truly were just minor adjustments that would save the solvency of Social Security against the large number of Boomers about to retire in the next ten years, why not implement them as soon as possible? And why the lack of specifics? If Obama has a plan, he should spell it out! He's the leader of our country, he should lead!

It's funny. I recently heard a lib compare conservatives to "snake oil salesmen". Obama's vague, "Trust me, I'll fix it" smacks more of snake oil than statesmanship.

If he really has a plan, he should spell it out, or will he "hold Social Security hostage" until after the election. (I'm just channeling my inner liberal here!)

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  1. I have a solution that nobody will like: deny benefits to all baby boomers. They created the mess we're in, let them suffer the consequence instead of the future generations that will be paying for this even after judgement day.


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