I'm at the San Diego Airport

By the Left Coast Rebel

I'm at the San Diego airport at the moment, we are heading to a Friday-Philly wedding. I haven't flown or traveled for six months or so, it's funny how you forget all of the goofy, funny, stressful things that go into being shuttled by a giant Greyhound Bus of the Sky.

For example, we dropped our car off at the Park & Fly several miles from the airport. No issues were presented but the company's airport shuttle driver did his best to emulate a very bad Middle-Eastern Manhattan taxi-cab driver. We were in a van and several kids (two, I think but they accommodate the noise of several more), were giggling and screaming, "we're going to crash!" I think they had it just about right.

We were just informed that our flight is delayed -- rather, our connecting flight was cancelled so now we have to connect somewhere deep in the heart of Texas. This means (of course) that we will be landing around midnight instead of 9 pm.

Gotta love air travel! Like I said, it's a Giant-Greyhound-Bus-of-the-Sky experience.

Don't get me started on TSA checkpoint, either. Although I wasn't fondled or violated, the security checkpoint "experience" here in San Diego was -- anything but -- a pleasant experience.

Another thing, my better half and I perused the magazine rack next to the Starbucks here (yah, they have Starbucks in airports now). She spied the Newsweek vile rag that sold for a dollar Michele Bachmann cover and I quote her directly, "funny how they tried to make her look crazy?"

Disgusting, and I'm not really even a Bachmann fan. Reuters reports that such "reportage" isn't forecasted to even boost sales of the Bantha fodder.

I have to wrap things for now, saving the MacBook power so that the wife and I can watch True Grit on our way to the Lone Star State. Fitting viewing considering where we are heading and makes me think that flying... isn't really that bad.


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