Garden State, Shrugged

By the Left Coast Rebel

Talk about a leading indicator, a majority of New Jersey voters think Teh Won does not deserve another 4 years of turning the brightest example of human freedom into a banana republic. Did you ever think you would see this headline (and content) at The Hill?

Majority of NJ voters say Obama doesn't deserve reelection

The majority of voters in New Jersey say President Obama does not deserve a second term, according to a new Rutgers poll.

Only 43 percent of New Jersey voters in the poll said Obama deserves to be reelected, while 47 percent said he deserves to be voted out of office.

Those findings are a troubling sign for Obama, since New Jersey has traditionally been a stronghold for Democrats. In an earlier Rutgers poll taken in February, only 39 percent of New Jersey voters said he did not deserve reelection.

This is pretty fascinating given just how Democratic-liberal New Jersey is. One gathers the reasons behind Teh Won's Garden State demise by simply persusing the comment section of the article above.

This one's by a commenter calling himself No Damn Jobs:

In the meantime, King Obama's new back door amnesty plan will add millions of law breaking undocumented illegal aliens onto the government dole and allow them to take jobs from American citizens and legal immigrants (that played by the rules) by giving the illegals worker visas. So, reward foreigners for breaking U.S. laws and put them before our own citizenry? Is it any wonder Obama is falling in the polls ??
NickyChin writes:

Bravo for New Jersey.

Any see Hannity last night. He play a video clip (4 times) showing Candidate Obama in 2008, calling George Bush "unpatriotic" for running up the national debt by $4 Trillion throughout his 8 years in office. Let's see, Obama has done even better - he has run up the debt $4 Trillion in just 2 ½ years.

Obama is clueless at best and deliberately hypocritical at worst. In any event we can neither trust what he says today nor can we trust him to do the right thing.

How's that for a leader of the free world?

And America Loses:

America loses if we end up with No-Ideas Obama for the Democrats.

And Slick Rick with his 8.4% Texas unemployment rate.

Goodbye America Ideologues have taken over.

Well SS, we have risked the nanny state for a few decades and our country can't pay its bill. Worked out great didnt? Love having half the country that lives off the government instead of supporting it. If you want to continue on the trajectory that has destroyed the lives of millions and set them to a life of poverty on the government dime, then vote democrat.

And these comments are dominating The Hill comment thread with nary a libtard in sight!

Could Golden State, Shrugged be Part Two of the Emperor-Having-no-Clothes saga?

Doubtful. The Once Golden State is unfortunately home to the stupidest people in America.

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  1. "Could Golden State, Shrugged be Part Two of the Emperor-Having-no-Clothes saga?

    Doubtful. The Once Golden State is unfortunately home to the stupidest people in America."

    Man you said it. People don't realize when I call them "a natural Californian", I'm actually insulting them by calling them dumber than a plant as that what Californians are: dumber than plants. My actuarial test is in 3 weeks and hopefully by this time next year, I will be out of this God forsaken hell hole of a state (I'll refuse to work in another libtard state) and judging how some state's citizenry are waking up, I may have more options than I think.

  2. Oh, I like to add an addendum to that last statement. Californians aren't just the stupidest people in America. I'll wager they're the stupidest people on the planet or any other planet of which exists intelligent life.

  3. Hm, California, is it really much different than Illinois, Minnesota, Vermont, Texas, New York, Massachusetts... just to name a few.

    The ice cold ocean of reality will be quite the shock when it finally washes ashore. You can rest assured and will be nary a person who will escape it's icy grip.

  4. Madmath -- Uhh, like, brah, uhh, yah...(imitating the typical So-CA resident)

    Les -- I think it is similar but residents here have their heads in the sand even deeper.


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