Gaddafi Regime Over? Finally, I Can Sleep At Night!

You have one less thing to worry about today: Muammar Gaddafi.

I know... you can finally sleep like a log tonight, right?

Apparently, this is a big victory for supporters of the Obama regime. Here are a few choice quotes from Twitter...

  • When THIS President is on vacation, he is not clearing brush, he's clearing dictators!
  • BREAKING: Obama topples a dictator while eating ice cream in Martha's Vineyard.
  • Sarah Palin ... So, what were you guys up to today? My president helped topple Gadhafi during his vacation.
  • Tea Party folks seem pretty quiet over Libya.
  • Uninstalling dictators in progress .. 99.99% complete..

When Obama and his minions finish spiking footballs on the sidelines, I hope they'll remind us why we stumbled into this mess, spending billions of dollars to kill thousands of people in Africa. Did Gaddafi have Saddam Hussein's old WMDs?

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  1. Well we'll just have to see what fills the vacuum in Libya and Egypt...

  2. With Bush, there was the belief that there was WMD's. With these evil clowns, perhaps the West will finally realize something: Muslims never fight for liberty, freedom, or even justice. They only fight for which thug gets to rule, and right now, that thug is going to be the Muslim Brotherhood who will make KaDaffy look like a Irish nun in comparison.

  3. Clearly this was the CIA, MI5, and whatever the frogs call their secret squirrel service who engineered this.

    As I said with bin Laden, of all the heads, hearts, and hands that contributed to this, Obama's contribution was among the slightest.

    We havent even seen where this is going yet.

  4. Most of my comments were loaded with sarcasm. It's just so fascinating to see how strangely selective the statist libs are in their concern for international tyrants and dictators.

    Apparently it's best to topple a tyrant when it's almost perfectly clear that it's barely in America's interest to do so.

  5. Don't sleep too easy, I heard he's in San Diego... it was the only border he was able to breach without being spotted

  6. The great thing about the left is the lack of values to adhear to. You can always complain about the other side and then pursue the same course when your dependent class minions put you in power!

    See Obama zombie: synonym hypocrate.
    Antiwar, antitorture, anti-debt-limit: no problem

  7. Nation Building V 3.0 how many billions will we pour into rebuilding Libya...

  8. Indeed, Rp Mike Rogers (MI) was on Fox tonight telling us that Qdaffi had a myriad of WMDs that were unaccounted for. Maybe some yellow cake, too! Unreal.


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