(FULL YOUTUBE VIDEO) Iowa GOP/Republican Debate August 11, 2011

By the Left Coast Rebel

What time was the debate last night? Pennsylvania ale, good food, jet lag and fatigue kept me from being glued to the television. Priorities.

GOP candidates Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney , Jon Huntsman Jr. and Rick Santorum hit the stage. But who "won"?

Without actually watching the event myself, I'm loathe to pick a "winner" even though lamestream media sources (of course) are jumping at the opportunity to do so. Samuel Gonzalez over at The Last Tradition likes the Bachmann/Pawlenty sparring.

My SLOB buddy WC Varones points me to Democrats jumping on Mitt Romney's "corporations are people, too" gaffe last night.

Did Democrats somehow anticipate Mitt throwing them a bone like this?

Perhaps. They are printing Mitt-for-President "some of my best friends are corporations" t-shirts, as we speak (via Democrats.org).

It's almost as if they had these things piled up at DNC HQ, ready to go.

I'll keep my eye out for one of these while I'm on the East Coast:

WC Varones thinks Mitt Romney's loose-lipped comment has the potential of sinking his inevitable-GOP-primary-coronation ship.

I disagree.

I think it's a perfect fundraising-moment for the far-left nutroots and DNC commercial fodder.

Here's the full video of last night's GOP debate for all of you poli-junkies out there that didn't catch the event live:


  1. Pretty boring debate if you ask me.

    The Pawlenty/Bachmann battle is interesting because Minnesota may be a pivotal state in the 2012 election. If Obama retains Iowa, Colorado, and New Mexico, the Republican must win Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania. Republicans have gained ground lately in those states, but they are still shaky.

    Pawlenty won a statewide race in MN, but Bachmann hasn't. MN elects a lot of lefties, so i dont know how well she'll poll in her own state or in her birthplace, Iowa. They are essentially competing for the VP slot although neither will admit it.

    I'd pick Bachmann on principle but Pawlenty for political pragmatism. The Republican needs to spend almost all their time in Florida, Virginia, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, and Ohio. North Carolina might be a battleground. No matter how wounded Zero is, the electoral math still favors him.

    Im not terribly excited by any of them.


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