Fisking the Left's victimhood mindset

Blog-buddy Kira Davis posted this video on her Google+ stream the other day. And it was so spectacular in its ignorance that I felt the need to address it in this forum because I think it offers valuable insight into the victim mentality of many Democrat voters.


Putting aside her laughable mangling of the word “bondage,” allow me to address several of the points she makes in her diatribe.
“I feel like I'm in bundage to a f@ckin' job. If I had a choice, I wouldn't work at all.”

Well, gee. Welcome to the world. Most of us would prefer to be able to do whatever we want, whenever we want. But there's this pesky thing called reality, the response to which is known as adulthood. Children get to play all day. Adults do what needs to be done in order to meet life's obligations.

I'll give her credit for this much; she admits that she needs to work in order to pay off the debt which she has accumulated. But within just a couple breaths of that tidbit of truth, she descends into a harangue against our “capitalistic system,” as if the free market system is somehow to blame for her personal choices.
“This whole system, this whole capitalistic system is basically in place to rip yo ass off, I'ma just be unnest witchu. The whole capitalistic system that we live in today, ok, is one big scam. Basically to rip you off.

They know you have to have a car to get around. They know you have to pay off that mortgage note, ya know. If you want a house, you gotta pay the bank their money for that house. You gotta pay the loan on that house. Otherwise, they gon' take that shit away from you and yo ass is gon' be homeless.

Who is the nefarious “they" to which she refers? Car manufacturers? House builders? Bankers? Last time I checked, nobody was running around putting guns to people's heads and forcing them to buy things for which they would become indebted. The answer is simple: don't borrow beyond your ability to repay. And if you DO decide to borrow, don't bitch about it. Make a choice and live with it.

This woman's victimhood mentality is what keeps so many other poor people stuck in their poverty. The notion that you can't do anything for yourself, the notion that if only you could wave a magic wand and move somewhere better, things would spontaneously improve for you. It's so much easier to blame some ethereal bad guy and bemoan one's fate.
“The banking industry is one big scam. I tell you…land…land is supposed to be free. We don't supposed to be paying for f@ckin’ land.”

Land is “supposed to be free?” According to whom? Apparently this genius has never heard of private property rights. I'm quite sure if someone were to walk into her apartment and take what she owns, she'd quickly change her tune. But when it's someone else's property, she doesn't feel like she should have to pay in order to use it.

Her ignorance goes way beyond just property rights. She seems to think everything should be free.
“Why are we paying for water? Water is supposed to be free.”

Again, according to whom? If you want free water, go drink it from a stream or lake. If you want someone to treat that water, remove the impurities and then pipe it into your home, you must pay them to do it. Otherwise, please take a seat and grab a big steaming mug of shut the fuck up.

But wait, it gets better.
“I mean, why do we have to continuously pay f@ckin' rent? All our lives! Why? Why can't we pay f@ckin' rent maybe ten years, you know, you stay in a place, you know, pay f@ckin' rent like ten years and aftuh dat you should never have to pay rent ageen. I mean ever. Ever! As long as you live. I'm just sayin'. I mean, we been over here since '98, we're still payin' f@ckin' rent? For dis piece of shit? I mean, dis is not worth the money dat I pay every month.”

Again, she acts as though someone is forcing her to rent. As though she can't make any choices for herself or better her situation through hard work. Millions of Americans who have achieved what she complains about would argue otherwise. If she had her way, paying rent for 10 years entitles her to steal property from its rightful owner. If she wants to live somewhere and pay for a set period of time, after which she need not pay ever again, it's called BUYING a home.


She then shifts over to the erroneous belief that Africa is a paradise, and if only she could go back there, everything would be dandy.
“My ancient ancestors didn't need 9 to 5 jobs, or 11 to 7pm jobs, or mittnight to 8am jobs. They took care of themselves. They built their own houses. They lived on land they didn't have to pay for. They didn't have to pay rent every gottdamn month…ummm…They didn't have to pay electricity bills every month. And believe it or not, there was electricity in Africa in ancient times, ok?

Umm, they didn't need f@ckin' 8-hour jobs and 10-hour jobs and 12-hour jobs and 16 hour-a-day jobs.”

Ancient Africans had electricity? Riiiiight. No need to even touch the addled notion any further.

I think if this woman were to go to “ancient” Africa, she'd find that the people there worked far longer than 16 hours a day in order to scrape out a living. Without the structure and comforts available in American society, life is far more difficult in many “simpler” countries. If this woman wants to life in a house she built herself, she's welcome to do so. But that won't be happening, because her complaints are disingenuous.

Furthermore, if this woman were to go to modern Africa, I believe she'd find things far different than the utopia she has in her mind. Kenya, Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Mombassa are all scarred by widespread violence between various African tribes. And even they have to pay for electricity.
“I mean (chuckle) America is one big…basically mentally unstable place. I'm just gon' be honest with ya. (giggle) Dat's how I feel about America. Ya know? If I had a choice… I would go live in Africa.”

Well, lady, you finally hit upon some truth. You are truly the embodiment of mental instability. As to your wish to move to Africa; nobody's stopping you. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
“Of course, I would need money in order to move over to Africa. Ya know, I would need money. Ok?”

Well, isn't that just a dandy excuse? Hiding behind that pretext allows her to comfortably complain about America while pining for some bizarrely idealized notion of African socialism, all while doing nothing to improve her current situation.

This social parasite thinks everything and everybody exists to give her a free ride. And she'll elect anyone who promises her the most handouts.

That is what we're up against in 2012. And if enough people like this woman are told they'll get rainbows and a pony in exchange for their vote, like they were told by President Obama in his 2008 campaign, we'll be stuck with him for another four years.
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  1. There's gotta be a 'Send That Gal to Africa' fund taking donations for a one-way ticket, doesn't there?

  2. Dude, nice find and absolutely disturbing. How in the world do we ever cure people (millions upon tens of millions of them) of this type of mental disease? Thank you, "Great Society," Hollywood, Marxist college professors and all of the useful-idiot socialist aid-and-abettors. This woman is your brainchild and the culmination of all of your efforts.

  3. She needs to be eaten by a lion or jackals or killed by a hippo. That'll teach her about the downside of free rent.

    Sending her to Africa, Steve, would be an awful thing to do to Africans and Africa.

    I'm thinking somewhere above the Arctic Circle. Polar bears are hungry.

  4. "believe it or not, there was electricity in Africa in ancient times"
    Sure there was. It powered the electric unicorns...
    One thing I am fairly certain of is that she will not want to hear the truth from a white person.

  5. Thanks, LCR. I appreciate the opportunity to share and contribute over here.

  6. My husband was watching this video in the other room and I could not believe the things coming out of her mouth. I was going to post this on my blog, but instead will link to you since you've commented so well on it.

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  8. Jesus, according to this theological brain, is an artificial, made up creation. What about Saint Martin Luther King? Another made-up creation? Or real-life, plagiarizing, sex pervert?

    Just asking.

  9. Well if she learned how to spell ( Bundage) she might have a better job. She needs to get her facts straight there was no practical electricity to run appliances in Africa in ancient times, and sorry Jesus is a historical figure not just a biblical one, she might want to read a book on world history. If she doesn't like it here that F**kin leave because there are no problems in Africa at all it's the perfect places to live.

  10. ...I'm speechless. I fear I have been irreparably stupefied by this woman's comments.

    Public edu-ma-cay-shun at its finest, indeed. Well, at least until the 8th grade, I would imagine.


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