Diver's Body Recovered - 17 Years After His Death

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A little break from all politics most of the time. This was just bizarre enough to warrant a little more investigation. Last month, the body of a diver was recovered in a deep and very cold area of Lake Tahoe.

The body of Donald Christopher Widecker, 44, was pulled from Lake Tahoe on July 27, four days after a group of divers stumbled across it while exploring a granite cliff 270 feet below the surface. Widecker sank into the frigid lake on California's border with Nevada on July 10, 1994 after apparently suffering a medical or equipment problem. He had not been seen since. Tahoe is the second-deepest lake in the United States, reaching depths of 1,645 feet.

Sounds a little like an episode of CSI. In fact, I wouldn't be too surprised if a fictionalized account of this happening showed up on one of the forensic shows before long.

Authorities were able to locate the ledge using a remote-controlled mini-submarine and recovered Widecker's body, which has undergone an autopsy to determine what caused his death nearly two decades ago.

"Here we have a diver in 270 feet of water that stays at 36 to 38 degrees constantly, doesn't change much," Byers said. "Because he had wetsuit on he was protected from the elements and was just remarkably preserved. From a pathological standpoint it's pretty incredible," he said. "Literally, it's a little spooky."

Four more divers are missing, presumably in the same area. Just beyond the ledge where Widecker was found, the lake plunges to its full 1465 feet deep.

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