Defending the Tea Party

Earlier today, I exposed the bogus NY Times poll that supposedly shows a massive surge in Tea Party disapproval.

After frustrated Democrats spent the weekend kicking the Tea Party around like a mangy dog, I happy to see that many other Tea Party sympathizers are kicking back...

Rick Santelli: If it wasn’t for the Tea Party we’d be rated BBB. (hat tip: Nice Deb)

So the argument for re-election is going to be "Don't blame Obama, he was no match for the Tea Party"?
...the spin creates mixed messages. To quote Jim Treacher: “Yesterday, the downgrade was fake. Today, the Tea Party caused it. ‘This isn’t happening… and it’s all your fault!’” In particular, it muddles the Obama administration’s official position, which is that S&P is mistaken.
Congressman Allen West "Defending the Tea Party Against Sen. John Kerry"

(hat tip: Thomas E.)


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  2. Take notice, John 'fought in Viet Nam' Kerry, you aint seen nothing yet!

  3. @Nick

    It's true that the Tea Party is still strong, but the Dems have done some real damage to the Tea Party with their lies.


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