Debt Ceiling Up, Credit Rating Down, Tea Party Blamed

Help me understand this sequence of events:

  1. Obama raised the debt ceiling.
  2. The Tea Party opposed Obama's debt ceiling deal (68%/22%).
  3. Tea Party opponents loved it (57%/35%).
  4. S&P downgraded U.S. credit rating because Obama's debt ceiling deal "falls short."
  5. Tea Party opponents blame Tea Party for credit rating downgrade.
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From Reaganite Republican... "I call on the president to seek the immediate resignation of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner."


  1. My ass

    We all know who's to freaking blame

  2. The Tea Party better learn quick the old school Republicans, especially Boehner, threw them under the bus and are continuing to do so. This is a ploy by the corrupt and greedy in both parties to continue the status quo and blame the tea party for it.

  3. The reality is that this makes the case fro the TEA party!

  4. madmath 1...

    "This is a ploy by the corrupt and greedy in both parties to continue the status quo and blame the tea party for it."

    I couldn't agree with you more!

  5. @madmath1

    Agreed. The best thing the Tea Party can do is to continue taking down establishment republicans. Dick Lugar would be the ultimate prize, but there are many others of course.

  6. let the Tea Party own you...and said that even if we failed to raise the debt ceiling nothing would really happen....Take ownership for something my wrecked the economy under Bush...and now you worsen it by holding our government hostage. hmmmm

  7. Fridaddy -- If you stuck around here for some time, you'd realize that we all think that there is not much difference between Big Government Statist Dems and Republicans. The Tea Party offers a clear, limited government vision away from the statist, socialist RINO camp. You won't find very many GOP cheerleaders around these parts.


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