Will Americans Allow America To Be Eclipsed?

by: Les Carpenter
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I read a book not to long ago. I believe it was Three Billion New Capitalists: The Great Shift of Wealth and Power to the East. It intrigued me when I first read it. It scares me more than it intrigues me today.

As our preeminence in the world, aka American Exceptional-ism has waned, is it not time to think outside the box? We are getting our as**s beaten by none other than China {who by the way is buying up America at an alarming rate}, as well as India and Southeast Asia. All are emerging economic powers as America sits on its laurels.

Consider this:
Let's face it—we are getting beaten because the U.S. government can't seem to make big improvements. Issues quickly get polarized, and then further polarized by the media, which needs extreme viewpoints to draw attention and increase audience size. The autocratic Chinese leadership gets things done fast (currently the autocrats seem to be highly effective).

What is the cure? Washington politicians and American voters need to snap to and realize they are getting beaten—and make big changes that put the U.S. back on track: Fix the budget and the burden of entitlements; implement an aggressive five-year debt-reduction plan, and start approving some winning plans. Wake up, America! {Read the Rest Of The WSJ Article}

You might at this point find yourself asking... Why is an American conservative posting this opinion. To which the answer is... For the sake of preserving the America I, as well as millions of others grew up in. It is not to late to save the nation we all love. It just takes... well, courage. If in doubt just look to " The Greatest Generation."

So, the question is... Are today's Americans up to the challenge? Do we still have the fortitude and grit to do it one more time? Does a majority still have the love of country it will take to turn America around?

We should all pledge ourselves to that cause, thereby insuring future generations the opportunities we of the baby boom generation enjoyed. So, lets get to it!

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