When RINOs Fail

Mr. McCain mocked Tea Party-allied Republicans in the House for believing — wrongly, he said — that President Obama and Democrats will get the blame for a default if Republicans refuse to increase the nation’s debt ceiling.

By that flawed logic, “Democrats would have no choice but to pass a balanced budget amendment and reform entitlements and the Tea Party Hobbits could return to Middle Earth,” he said, quoting a Wall Street Journal editorial.

“This is the kind of crack political thinking that turned Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell into G.O.P. nominees,” he jeered, referring to two losing Tea Party candidates for the Senate in 2010.
Why is it that when RINOs fail, it's never their fault? Remember the "crack political thinking" that swept McCain into the White House?

Oh wait, I almost forgot! When the economy tanked, McCain panicked ― he suspended his campaign ― and then he went on to lose the White House.

More to the point, "blame" is not the key issue in this debt limit fight. (Although there will be plenty of blame to go around if Republicans in congress ultimately fail to prevent Democrats from spending us into bankruptcy and taxing us into abject poverty.)

Tea Party Republicans and Tea Party activists delivered a massive victory for the Republican Party in November. Those "Hobbits" were determined to clean up the tsunami of debt that has flooded this country.

As we hurtle toward Obama's fourth phony deadline for raising the debt limit, Tea Party Republicans in Congress are keeping their campaign promises by using the leverage of their debt limit vote to force Democrats to take some responsibility.

Shame on RINO ogre John McCain for joining the radical left in bashing the Tea Party with condescending, hateful and incendiary rhetoric.

Hat tip to The Other McCain for covering this story. I'm sorry your cousin is such an obnoxious troll, Robert.

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A friendly reminder from Ed...

McCain’s thinking is pretty clear here — the One cannot be defeated, and so one must join forces with it. Had McCain actually read the books that he references, he’d have seen how well that worked out.

By the way, just in case in you don’t recall … the hobbits win in Lord of the Rings. They got a lot of ridicule from the elite and the powerful along the way, but they end up saving the West from ruinous destruction.


  1. Good God, what a treacherous troll he's become...

  2. May I humbly offer this classic McCain picture from the 2008 campaign:


  3. @The War Planner

    That's certainly a classic pic. Goofy McCain pics are so plentiful, it's hard to choose.

  4. I still can't grasp how he won the primary...


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