A Thought On The Debt Ceiling Debate

By Chris W
The Libertarian Patriot

It is beginning to look more and more like a foregone conclusion that Leviathan is going to put us deeper in debt by raising the debt ceiling very soon. The President wants it, the Democrats want it and the Republican want it. It seems that the only ones who don't want to see the limit raised are the majority of those that are actually responsible for footing the bill, the American taxpayer.

So here is what I propose; instead of increasing it enough to give the ruling elite cover through the next election cycle, increase it just enough so that the limit expires on January 21, 2013. My reasoning is simple; to make the next Presidential and Congressional elections all about what "We the People" want.

We have a 400 pound gorilla in the room that DC is all too happy to ignore. They think that they can fool us by kicking the can down the road far enough that it will be out of our thought process come next year when the campaigns are in full swing.

Instead, let's make the next election about a single issue; the economy. Do we want to maintain the status quo and go deeper into debt or to significantly scale back the the size of Leviathan and it's ability to plunder and redistribute our wealth.

There will be no extraneous BS just every candidate putting his or her plan on the table and letting the American people decide. This way, whatever the outcome, there will be no doubt about what the American people have chosen; republicanism or socialism.

Come to think about it, this is just a pike dream on my part. "We the People" spoke loud and clear in the November 2010 elections about the direction we wanted to see the country move in, yet our voices continue to be ignored by Leviathan as it is still the same business as usual in DC.

I also fear that socialism will win out since more than half the population is now dependent on government handouts for their survival. At least that will give those of us who support them financially the impetus to get out of dodge and let the freeloaders can fend for themselves.

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  1. "I also fear that socialism will win out since more than half the population is now dependent on government handouts for their survival."

    Chris - Socialism has been winning, by small steps, every since TR. Every administration has advanced it to a lesser or greater degree.

    In fact It is quite possible the American either don't really know what they want or else fail to understand the differences.

    Not all that surprising really. Ay Rand understood the situation well and the reasons for it.


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