Talking Points-R-Us on Fox News Sunday

By Proof

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One of these people inspires others to do something with their cash.
The other is Gene Sperling.

Find the focus grouped word and talking point from Gene Sperling, Director of the president's National Economic Council, on Fox News Sunday this AM:

we can't have a cloud of uncertainty either hanging over our heads now, or just a plan that would kick that down the road to Christmas and have us going through all of this again in such a short time.

we as a country need to not only lift our debt limit and take away the specter of default, the heavy cloud of uncertainty

But those are things outside of our control, Bret. What is inside our control is to not add the cloud of uncertainty...
(More on this one later!)

And you saw a lot of economic forecasters say that if you could take that cloud of uncertainty off our economy

if we can take the specter of our nation's first default --
take that cloud of uncertainty off our economy

If you said "cloud of uncertainty", give yourselves an "A". If you picked "specter of default", give yourself a "B+". If you caught both...go to the head of the class!

Now, let's take a look at all the things "we have no control over":

We have had headwinds that have hurt this economy -- higher oil prices, supply chain disruptions from historic earthquake in Japan.

We have no control over higher oil prices? How about the government's strangling of domestic oil production? How many oil platforms have moved out of the Gulf of Mexico since this administration took office? Name one thing this administration has done, apart from woefully inadequate, "pie in the sky" green energy, this president has done to make this country more energy independent or to promote the domestic exploration and production of oil, which is currently the fuel for the engine of this economy?

Candidate Obama virtually assured us that he would shut down domestic coal production through costly environmental regulations. I do wonder how he would propose to charge all these electric vehicles, coming home and plugging into their chargers right at the peak of electric demand without any new hydroelectric, coal, gas fired or nuclear plants to make up the difference in demand? Obama wants the car you're living out of to be a hybrid.

And many in the solar and electric car industries Obama likes to promote (and shovel government money to) have gone bankrupt as soon as the spigot of government money is cut off. When you say we have "no control" over oil prices, which part of "drill, baby, drill" doesn't this administration understand?

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