Potential Democrat Anthony Weiner Replacement Running Against Obama's Israel Policy of '67 Borders

By Sam Foster

The media says that Obama is not hurting from his anti-Israel policies. Yet, the reality of campaigning says otherwise.

David Weprin, Democrat running to replace Anthony Weiner, is running against Obama's '67 borders policy:

“I think our commitment to Israel should be unequivocal,” said Weprin, when I asked about the president’s handling of the Mideast peace process and relationship with Israel. “It’s the only solid ally we have in the Middle East.”

Then, Weprin added, “I don’t think we should be going back to the pre-’67 boundaries. It’s clearly been part of Israel for many, many years.” That’s a distinct break from President Obama’s position, but one many Democrats — especially those from New York — have also made.

The administration’s relationship with Israel is likely to be a major issue in the campaign, given the high population of Jewish voters in the Ninth Congressional District. (Their previous representative, Anthony Weiner, was outspoken and unabashed in his support for Israel, going so far as to argue there was no settlement activity in the Palestinian territory.)

Dick Morris had a poll showing that Obama's Israel policies were hurting his image with the Jewish community, NY's latest special election could be a bellwether.

Weiner's seat is solidly Democratic. If Obama's policy position on Israel was not damaging, there would be no reason to take a stance against his policy.

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