One Man's Debt Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

By Proof

Do you remember not that long ago, that one of the race baiting, lesser lights of Congress was bleating that the only reason Republicans were resisting Obama in raising the debt ceiling was because he was black?

The fact is, the debt ceiling has been raised three times already since Obama became president. Where was the drama then, Mama? Sorry! Don't mean to let facts spoil a perfectly good narrative!

And all the current shills for the President, and Obama himself are telling us a "six month deal" is "no good". And "Why put the country through this crisis again in six months?"

The three debt ceiling raises to date in "Obamaville":

February 2010 - $14.294 trillion
December 2009 - $12.394 trillion
February 2009 - $12.104 trillion

Gosh! February '09 to December '09 was just ten months. And December '09 to February '10 was just three months! Mirabile dictu! How can this be??? Obama and the Democrats in Congress wouldn't put this country's credit rating in peril for a lousy three months, would they? Would they??

The answer is yes, they would. Because the debt ceiling crisis is a phony one. The matter of an ever increasing public indebtedness is the real crisis, which neither Obama nor more than a few in Congress are willing to even admit, much less discuss like adults.

Maybe the fact that the debt ceiling was only raised seven times in Bush's eight years, and already it's been raised three times, going on four, in Obama's two and a half years has something to do with it?
Or maybe it's the multi-trillion dollar, out of control spending with no end in sight that is causing people to resist giving the President another trillion dollar blank check?

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  1. Great post!

    Love the title - it really puts things into their proper perspective.

  2. Thanks, Nick! You have a great weekend!

  3. 8seconds of the video and I was sick! took 3 more to find the pause button!
    It's really no wonder our nation is in the shape it's in...


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