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Stumbled on this over the weekend. It's a simply marvelous blog for dishing the dirt on THE WIDE LOAD FLOTUS. Don't just sit here, go there immediately to read about the throw-down between the Duchess of Cambridge and MADAME TRUNK JUNK.

"Mmmm..double fries!"

UPDATE: What do you 'spose the over/under on Kate (the Duchess of Cambridge) in a food throw-down with THE WIDE LOAD FLOTUS? Well, if the princess ever wants to engage in such an activity, then she'd better get into some serious training. Seems The First Lady of Fast Food -- and head nagger in charge --is practicing the old liberal mantra, "do as I say not as I do". Per Andrew Malcolm's Top of the Ticket blog in the L. A. Times:

Michelle Obama has become the nation's foremost advocate for restaurant menu reform and healthier eating to reduce obesity, especially among children.

She has made much of the need for Americans to routinely pack away fewer calories and carbs, more veggies, fruits -- that sort of stuff.

Plus, of course, get more exercise.

But alas one of those annoying media types, a reporter from the Washington Post, happened to be on the scene in Washington today.

Of course, it's hard to miss when a busy street and a new diner are totally shut down to the public for its normal bustling traffic of lunch-hour customers for the benefit of one VIP eater.

While her husband was telling the country it's time to eat its peas and address the staggering national deficit, Mrs. Obama went out for lunch.

But the healthy-eating advocate was nabbed doing 60 in a 35 zone: At today's lunch Mrs. Obama downed a good-sized ShackBurger.

And french fries.

And a milk shake of the chocolate variety.

Andrew reports that The Shack -- where MOO-Bird was Hoovering up all the groceries -- says her meal scaled out at 1,700 calories. I'm thinking that she will be dining on a lot of meals consisting of peas and ice water to make up for that. But like Mell Brooks once said: "It's good to be the king queen.


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