The Least Serious President in the History of the Republic™ Is Also the Most Hypocritical (video)

By Proof

"I cannot guarantee that those checks ("Social Security, Veteran's checks, folks on disability...70 million checks")go out on August third if we haven't resolved this issue."

Compare that to his remarks before House Republicans in 2010...

From a You Tube video of Obama's Q & A with Republicans (about one hour, twenty three minutes in). Transcript here.

...there is a political vulnerability to doing anything that tinkers with Medicare. And that's probably the biggest savings that are obtained through Paul's plan.

And I raise that not because we shouldn't have a serious discussion about it. I raise that because we're not going to be able to do anything about any of these entitlements if what we do is characterize whatever proposals are put out there as, "Well, you know, that's -- the other party's being irresponsible. The other party is trying to hurt our senior citizens. That the other party is doing X, Y, Z."

Get it? We can't solve the nation's problems if some demagogue is claiming the other party will hurt our senior citizens...unless those mean spirited Republicans don't do what I want, then they are personally jeopardizing 70 million senior citizens, veterans and the disabled from getting their checks on time.

I think it is instructive, that of the billions of dollars the federal government spends in millions of places, the first and apparently only places Barack Obama can think to cut, to pay for all his other pork projects, is Social Security checks, veterans' and disability benefits.

The federal government needs to stop the insane spending levels. The endless borrowing has got to stop. For Barry to try to scare seniors and others on a fixed income by threatening to stop their checks is despicable.

And make no mistake. The money is there not to default on any loan payments or Social Security checks. If any senior or veteran who is denied a benefit check on August 3rd. it will be because Barack Obama makes a conscious decision to callously play politics with these people's lives.

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  1. This is reason 8,454,362 that it should have been privitized. And exactly why the Democrats don't want it privitized.

    In fact, this opens the door for them to push through the 401k confiscation legislation they've been batting about for a few years now.

  2. Obama playing politics, right alongside the conservative, scratch, republicans.

    As John said business as usual. As America goes the way of Greece and Portugal, et all.


  3. Egads! You can talk about politics and fiscal responsibility til the cows come home. This man is nothing short of a thug and bully. Goes and threatens seniors and the disabled. Disgusting excuse for a man. Not to mention childish and immature. He actually walked out of the meeting like a whinny 2 year old saying see you tomorrow. This man has no concept of compromise, negotiating (unless to tell us they way HE wants it), responsibility, or even how to handle events that don't go his way.

  4. He uses the language of a thug, the kind who wanders into your store demanding protection money. "Nice little place you have here! Be a shame if anything were to happen to it! I can't guarantee that it won't unless you pay me!"


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