"GOP Allies Hatching Sleazy Dirty Tricks in Wisconsin Recall Wars"

By Proof

GOP allies hatching sleazy dirty tricks in Wisconsin recall wars ...is an opinion piece by Greg Sargent, (Yeah. I never heard of him either!) which gave me a chuckle this AM. Let's look and see what our left-of-center friends think constitutes a "sleazy dirty trick"?

It looks like allies of Wisconsin Republicans are growing so desperate that they’re resorting to sleazy dirty tricks in their last-ditch bid to help the GOP hang on to the state senate.

This is deep in the weeds, but bear with me. As you know, Wisconsin GOP state officials have hatched a scheme to run fake Democrats in Dem primary elections against the Democratic recall candidates, in order to delay the general recall election between Dems and the GOP state senators they’re targeting. As the labor-backed We Are Wisconsin warned recently, this could have major ramifications: Because Wisconsin law allows cross-party voting, Republican voters can vote in Dem primaries and vote for the fake Dem candidate in order to keep the real Dem out of the general election.

Too funny! Greg, have you ever heard of Democrats running fake Tea Party candidates? Um, like recently?? And speaking of states that allow "cross-party voting", I'll give you two words: John McCain.

Now, I can't say for certain that "GOP allies" are doing what you assert they are doing, Greg, but in your learned, humble opinion, these supposed allies of the GOP are "resorting to sleazy dirty tricks" by acting like Democrats?

Got it.

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