Concealed Carry Stops: Compare and Contrast..

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I won't surround these two videos with too many words. They speak volumes for themselves. The first is a dash-cam video of a stop made by a Canton, Ohio police officer of a person who has a concealed carry permit and is not given an opportunity to declare same in the wake of this cop's angry, intimidating tirade. This is well-documented and commented upon over at the Hot Air post done by Ed Morrissey. The policeman's behavior borders on the frightening:

This next video was provided by one of the Hot Air commenters and is of an Oceanside, California policeman stopping a person who is OPENLY carrying an automatic:

The contrast is stark; the Canton policeman not giving the CCW subject a chance to perform his legal obligation of informing the officer and the Oceanside policeman giving the young ex-Marine EVERY opportunity to cooperate with him. The second officer is a pinnacle of politeness and courtesy and respectfully -- but carefully -- elicits information during his stop. WHat reasonable citizen would NOT be willing to cooperate with this gentleman?

Read the Hot Air post and you will see that the Canton PD was embarrassed by this angry individual and placed him on immediate suspension while an investigation is carried out.



  1. Unprofessional! Are we to believe we are safe with Police like that ? Who will keep us safe from the police?!!!

  2. I hope that Canton officer is fired. Let him be garbage man then he can yell at and abuse garbage bags all day long. What an idiot.


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