Arizona to Move up Primary?

By: Wes Messamore

The Yuma Sun reports:
(hat tip: memeorandum)

"Gov. Jan Brewer is leaning to moving Arizona's presidential primary to the last Tuesday in January in hopes of getting a jump on most other states.

The governor said she believes pushing the primary up from its current Feb. 28 schedule will give Arizona the national attention it deserves. Potentially more significant, she said it will force the candidates not only to spend time here in their quest for early victories but also require them to address issues of specific concern to state residents."

Question is, why don't they all just move their primaries to the same freaking day? Why should Iowa or New Hampshire have more influence than any other state over the process of nominating a presidential candidate? I know it's hardly an original point to make, but maybe it's been made so often because it needs to happen.

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  1. Perhaps the risk of a nationwide primary would be that it would virtually guarantee that only establishment candidates with loads of cash and millions of insider connections would win.


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