Americans Favor a Free Market Over a Government Managed Economy

by: Les Carpenter
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Rasmussen Reports:

Voters remain strongly supportive of a free market economy over one controlled by the government and still think small businesses are hurt more than big businesses when the government does get involved.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 72% of Likely U.S. Voters believe a free market economy is better than an economy managed by the government. Just 14% think a government-managed economy is better. Another 14% are not sure.

Republicans and unaffiliated voters overwhelmingly prefer a free market approach. Among these segments of the electorate, the number preferring a government-managed economy is in the single digits.

Among Democrats, 48% say a free market is better, but 29% think a government-managed economy is the answer. Twenty-three percent (23%) are not sure.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of those who work for a private company give the nod to a free market economy, compared to 53% of government employees.

The majority (56%) of all voters think increased competition rather than increased government regulation is the best way to hold big business accountable. But 34% see increased regulation as the better course. {Continue Reading}

The numbers are not really surprising. What is encouraging is only 29% of democrats actually prefer a government managed economy. BHO, take note.

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  1. Another observation that there is hope for Democrats.

  2. BO take note? You're joking right?

  3. Shane - Is there not that possibility for all rational thinking creatures? Even democrats? ;)

  4. tammy - Just a note of caution. Will he take note and consider> Naw...


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