American Boots Hit the Ground in Somalia After Drone Attacks

By Proof

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Somalia is now the sixth country over which the United States is flying attack drones. Last month, the same Special Operations Command unit currently operating in Yemen carried out an attack on two leaders of the Somali militant group al-Shabab in a June 23 mission. The Washington Post reported the attack on Wednesday, and on Friday, Somalia's defense minister says that American military forces touched down to collect the bodies of the insurgents. Al-Shabab has carried out attacks on the Somali government, and while the government is calling on more American drone missions, they say they were not aware of the first drone attack. "But we are not complaining about that. Absolutely not. We welcome it," Defense Minister Mohamoud Haji Faqi told the Associated Press. "We understand the U.S.'s need to quickly act on its intelligence on the ground."

Six countries? I'm thinking if the "Peace Prize" president can have "kinetic military actions" in six countries, just think how much Bush could have accomplished, if they'd only given him the "Peace Prize"?

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  2. Interesting you should mention time travel. I hear that Obama went back in time to try to convince FDR to use Predator blimps and not put boots on the ground in Europe.


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