"You know what, he may have lost but he didn’t flinch, he stood by what he believed in and continued to fight to the end"

By the Left Coast Rebel

So said former Pennsylvania senator, Rick Santorum of his failed 2006 reelection, during an interview with former Clinton administration crony George Stephanopoulos:

Santorum's presidential ambitions have officially kicked off. Therefore, I have several basic starting questions for the former senator from the Keystone State:
  • You served in the Senate during the apex of big-government Republicanism. Where did you stand on Medicare Part D?
  • How about No Child Left Behind?
  • Where did you stand on the budget-busting Bush budgets, programs and powers?
  • Do you consider yourself a Republican in the mold of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan or in the likeness of George W. Bush?

BONUS VIDEO: Jack Hunter, "former United States senator Rick Santorum represents everything that is wrong with the Republican party"

"It's precisely the Republican Party of Rick Santorum that makes the Tea Party Movement necessary."


Via Memeorandum.

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