"When your name is Wiener, people make jokes about your name...so I'm pleased to get firm"

Wienergate update

By the Left Coast Rebel

So said Weiner to Bret Baier of Fox News in a yet-to-be-released sit down this afternoon.

Memo to Rep. Anthony Weiner (Commie W/Bulging Pants/NY): don't use the word "firm" in the context of the ongoing Weinergate scandal.

At all.


What are you thinking?

Also, MSNBC sat down with the Oscar Meyer Congressman:

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Via Memeorandum.

UPDATED: Must-read writeup on Weinergate at The Other McCain.

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  1. "I'm sorry I was a little stiff yesterday..."
    "We need to take a hard look at this..."
    "Do we really want to make a big thing out of this?"

    Is the picture of the Congressman?
    Why did the Congressman hire a lawyer?
    Why won’t the Congressman let law enforcement handle the matter?
    Why is Congressman Weiner following a 21 year old college student on twitter?


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