"We could have let auto makers go into freefall but we didn't"


By the Left Coast Rebel

Dear Leader's teleprompter today instructed him to ignore the horrible jobs data and instead focus on how He "saved the auto industry".

Speaking in Toledo, Ohio, TOTUS, oops, I mean POTUS, patted Himself on the back for "standing by the auto industry" and for "investing in the future of the auto industry". Makes you feel great, doesn't it? We are so lucky to have such a fabulous Leader, a Man so brilliant that He can even transcend basic economic theory and centrally plan every facet of the American economy yet somehow not allow for the creation of jobs.

Strangely, there was no acknowledgment of the jobs report today by TOTUS. Or was that POTUS? Either way, oh well.

More at CNN Money, WSJ and the Toledo Blade.

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James' post plays perfectly into Obama's Toledo, Ohio appearance today, here's a taste:

Obviously Obama could use anything that resembles an economic success story right about now, so he's been quick to build a Detroit "comeback" theme into the latest campaign spiel. But how ironic that while the President is busy co-opting others' success at Chrysler, Marchionne is rushing to distance the company from a foolhardy White House and (unpopular) bail-out's stigma. Although foreign owned, the new Chrysler is planning a IPO for 2012, and is now free -as Ford has been- to pursue market-based success as best they know how.


So as long as Barack Obama is trying bask in the glow of any Detroit renaissance, we need to hold his feet to the fire on the habitual dishonesty, mistakes, losses, cronyism, and corruption it took for him to get there, as well as the fact that the White House's harebrained product ideas had nothing to do with Chrysler's early return to profitability... rather, they had to resist and work around them.

Lots more at the link.


  1. TOTUS turd of the united states?

  2. 'T' for "Titular" head of the mulitple-tentacled, ruling class socialist movement/takeover of the US economy?

  3. Every thing this man and admin does is straight out of 1984.


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