(VIDEO) Tonight's GOP New Hampshire Debate 6/13/11

By the Left Coast Rebel

Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is out and God only knows why former PA senator Rick Santorum is still in (they both have the same polling numbers) nevertheless, will you be watching tonight's GOP New Hampshire debate? Mitt Romney is oh-so-obviously being pushed by every media outlet as the "front runner" both for tonight's debate and the race overall, I wonder which candidate has the best shot knocking him down a few notches tonight?

Here's who will be at tonight's debate:

Former PA senator Rick Santorum -- big-government social conservative

Former MA governor Mitt Romney -- liberal governor that is not supported by the tea party

MN governor Tim Pawlenty -- also has plenty of big-government statist baggage, fails to excite conservative grassroots

Former House of Reps Speaker Newt Gingrich -- self imploded immediately after declaring candidacy, instead went on a two-week cruise, staff quit, not a chance in hell at the nomination (that's a good thing), not a conservative, character of Bill Clinton

Rep. Michele Bachmann -- lots of tea party support but not perfect, reads Ludwig von Mises at the beach...how will she do under pressure tonight?

Pizza executive, talk-show host Herman Cain -- great speaker, can excite a crowd but will his performance be as thin on specifics as his previous debate was? Lots of conservative support but libertarians are not excited by his support of TARP, the PATRIOT Act, etc.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul -- No one knows the Constitution and limited government ideals like Dr. No. Tea Party before Tea Party was cool.

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  1. Betting the farm on the one that bases principals on our constitution!
    But can't understand why Romney is ahead in the polls! Hes just a white Obama!


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