(VIDEO) "Pension reform is a civil rights violation," Al Sharpton Tells San Diego's Own KUSI Reporter Tom Jordan

By the Left Coast Rebel

Big kudos to San Diego-based KUSI News' reporter Tom Jordan. Tom Jordan is one of a dying breed: a real journalist.

The gist of the story from KUSI:

...Al Sharpton is in San Diego talking about the pension reform initiative. He had a nine-minute discussion with KUSI's Tom Jordan that became a bit heated. We've edited the conversation down to about five minutes, but the context remains the same. Sharpton says the City's proposed pension reform initiative is a civil rights violation, and that attention should instead be placed on taxing the wealthy.


Setting aside California's Greece-like pension crisis is a simple question: Why in the world does the media take this greasy-haired, race-baiting charlatan seriously?

Memo to Sharpton: Park your butt in the ghetto where your illiterate nonsense is taken seriously, we have enough problems here in San Diego as it is.

Hat-tip Shane Atwell.


  1. What will be the civil right violation be when the city's pension checks start to bounce? Blame the banks for predatory investing? Why does anybody listen to this stupid, racist, and evil man? I just don't get it.

  2. i think teh ghetto is a racist word or something.

  3. Indeed it is as is any critique of Teh Won.


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