(VIDEO) Obama Impersonator Reggie Brown at the RLC: Why did They Shut his Mic off?

By the Left Coast Rebel

Reggie Brown is good at impersonating the Imperial-Emperor-With-no-Clothes. Really good.

But, did Reggie Brown go unscripted? Check in around 16:30 on the video of his performance at the Republican Leadership Conference, that's some tasty skewering of spineless RINO Tim Pawlenty there, no?

He goes after RINO Mitt Romney, too and starts in on Michele Bachmann....then his mic gets cut off and an RLC official walks him off the stage.

What gives?

Bungalow Bill
seems to think that Reggie Brown's skewering of Mittens Romney culminated in his mic getting shut off. I'm not sure, it seems to me that he was laying into Bachmann.

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  1. And I thought it was just something wrong with the recording I had found...


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