(FULL VIDEO) CNN New Hampshire Republican Debate

By the Left Coast Rebel

I couldn't catch the CNN Republican debate and am searching for a Youtube video of it. This is the "highlights" (according to CNN), hot off the reels (some guy at 3:00 to 3:50 is spot-on):

Updated: Michele Bachmann filed and announced it at the debate, via The Hill:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) announced during Monday evening's presidential debate that she'd filed paperwork to run for president.

"I filed today my paperwork to run for president of the United States … I wanted you to be the first to know," she said.She added she would make a formal announcement at a later time.Bachmann, the conservative congresswoman with ties to the Tea Party movement, made the announcement during her first answer during the Republican debate in Manchester, N.H.
Via Memeorandum.

Updated x2: Full video of today's republican debate via MOXNEWSd0tCOM on Youtube:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Via Memeorandum.

Updated x3: Another Black Conservative has a great analysis writeup on the New Hampshire GOP debate tonight, RightKlik grades each candidate's performance as well.

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  1. I would say a high-lite moment was on the issue of the national debt. But I contend that if our Govt would show the holders of the debt, that we are serious about solving the problem (spending) we would regain their respect and credibility.
    IMHO Ron Paul has led the way to accomplish this!


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