(VIDEO) Anthony Weiner Resigns, "Bye, bye, you Pervert"

By the Left Coast Rebel

I caught Weiner's resignation live today as an a.m. talk show that I was listening interrupted the day's program to go live.

I was most notably struck by how vocal one (or several) of his constituents were, one clearly shouted, "bye, bye, you pervert!" Another was heard saying, "is it seven inches?"

It has been obvious since his admission that Weiner's goose was cooked.

Pretty funny stuff, really (although I feel bad for his family) and couldn't have happened to a more vicious, disgusting person (in and outside closed doors, personally, politically and personality-wise).

Video of the Weiner resignation today:

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  1. He has reaped what he has sown... The sad part is, We the people still have to pay him!
    That needs to change!


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