Self-Publisher John Locke Sells a Million on Kindle

By the Left Coast Rebel

I've never heard of Louisville, Kentucky's John Locke, nor have I heard of the Lethal series he has experienced great success with in which former CIA assassin Donovan Creed, described as a "smart-aleck tough guy with a heart of bronze," takes on crime bosses, chases myriad skirt, fights angry midget(s) bent on world conquest and a variety of other plots. (sounds interesting!)

There are so may authors out there that one does not have enough time in the day to read everything good that is out there, or to even be familiar with reading options. I guess I can look forward to retirement for that. But then again, I will probably be writing in retirement myself and won't have the time!
Some of John Locke's novels.

I caught a timely piece linked at Memeorandum about Locke's runaway Amazon/Kindle success. I say timely because I was chatting with my wife this morning about self-publishing and some exremely creative stuff that she has written recently. She's a great writer, especially with short, witty poems. Frankly, she's brilliant. I've thought that there has got to be a market for her stuff. In a creative sense, my wife is a better writer than I.

Perhaps she'll be a $0.99 Amazon superstar?

From The Telegraph:
John Locke, 60, who publishes and promotes his own work, enjoys sales figures close to such literary luminaries as Stieg Larsson, James Patterson and Michael Connelly.

But unlike these heavyweights of the writing world, he has achieved it without the help of an agent or publicist – and with virtually no marketing budget.

Instead the DIY novelist has relied on word of mouth and a growing army of fans of his crime and western novellas that he has built up online thanks to a website and twitter account.

His remarkable achievement is being hailed as a milestone of the internet age and the beginning of a revolution in the way that books are sold.

Locke, from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, whose only other artistic endeavour was as a singer with a rock band in his youth, admits that the writing it [sic] not even his day job.

Charlie Martin at PJM (where there are a lot of writers that make their living) noticed this story, too, writing:

See, Locke isn’t working through a publisher. He publishes and promotes his books himself. With no intermediate, that means he can publish for 99 cents; he takes home something like 70 35 cents per copy.

Which means in this case that he’s made something like $700,000 $350,000 gross in a year.

$350,000 gross isn't bad, considering that writing is not even this author's day job!

Images in this post are from John Locke's site


  1. Interesting... timely, since I'm kinda doing the same thing at the moment, totally unrelated to my blogging or political interests, though. I figure it's not my day job, and mostly for fun, but I'm very curious if more than 10 people will ever read it.

    Anyway, thanks for the info. :)

  2. No problem, Nick, let me know how that goes, I can promote it for you too....



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