Russian President Mededev Gets It... Unlike Obama

by: Les Carpenter
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As our own nation drifts toward greater government control and regulation over the economy and means of production Russian President Medvedev gets it.

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Russia's President, Dmitri Medvedev, addressed the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum yesterday. He pledged a new course for Russia:

Medvedev acknowledged that the government's expansion in managing the economy and the centralization of authority in the Kremlin under Putin was necessary in an earlier period of the country's post-Soviet development. But, he said, "this economic mode is dangerous for the country's future."

"The proposition that the government is always right is manifested either in corruption or benefits to 'preferred' companies," he said.

"My choice is different. The Russian economy ought to be dominated by private businesses and private investors. The government must protect the choice and property of those who willingly risk their money and reputation." ...

"Corruption, hostility to investment, excessive government role in the economy and the excessive centralization of power are the taxes on the future that we must and will scrap," he said.

As Obama, Reid, Pelosi et all continue to labor our nation towards a more centralized government, with the ultimate goal of central planning, forces elsewhere recognize the futility of such systems.

It is likely however the progressive {statist} forces in America will continue to spur the once greatest economy and motive force the world has ever known closer to the proverbial cliff. Hopefully countervailing forces yet alive in our nation are able to stop and then reverse the current path toward the economic abyss.

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  1. While I agree with everything you have written here, there is a geopolitical aspect to consider.

    Putin and Medvedev revel in embarrassing the U.S.A. They exploit divisions in American culture to weaken U.S. standing and increase their own.

    These are people who are true nationalists, and like a swarmy salesman are appealing to one person/group to gain credibility with another.

    So I agree but I ain't buying it.

  2. I am not sure what you just said. I think you are saying you agree with the article as written philosophically and politically, but don't believe Medvedev is being forthright and speaking with integrity.

    In which case I do find a modicum of rational analysis in your statements.

    It is... something to consider.

  3. having said the above I continue to stand by my premise that while Russia is moving more towards a free market capitalist economy we on the other hand are moving in the opposite direction.

    For Russia it is a matter of having recognized economic realities. For US progressive {statists} it's about realizing their misguided dream of collectivist utopia. With them at the top of the collectivist heap.

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  5. American libs want the intellectuals in charge, and most of them are leftists. They don't care if progressivism knocks us down to third-world status as long as they can make it sound logical and fair, and they are on the top of the heap. It isn't logical to strive make more money when such striving is at the expense of others, right? Boobs.

  6. "With them at the top of the collectivist heap."
    That Les, is how I see these "progressive {statist} forces in America" positioning themselves...
    And making the rest of us "useful idiots".


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