Palate Cleanser: Property Rights -vs- Progressive Statism at Rational Nation

By the Left Coast Rebel

It's far too easy today to get lost in the fog of partisan gamesmanship, the kind of "he-said, she-said" nonsense that dominates Memeorandum, pushing the 24/7 news cycle. Some of it is just plain dumb -- for instance, today's Maureen Dowd's dumbed-down NYT drivel "Why is he Bi?"Even more, the recent Weiner's-Wiener epic media dogpile showed just how shallow and meaningless political stories dominate as our nation racks up $5 billion in debt daily. Nero fiddles as Rome burns.

Conservatives Republicans push for "their guy" who ends up pushing the same statism and attack on liberty and capitalism that "the other side" does (albeit more honestly). The presidency of George W. Bush is a great example of this. W. governed to the left of...well, to the left of any recent modern president, expanding the welfare (and libertarians would argue, warfare) state, increasing federal intrusion more than any administration since Lyndon Johnson and doing everything that Barack Obama is doing today (albeit Obama is doing so on a much-larger scale that is pushing our nation to the brink of bankruptcy).

The reason leaders like George W. Bush -- or John Boehner -- get away with disregarding concrete limited government principles is because we let them do so. We lose sight of the big ideas that this nation was founded upon, lost in the blur of partisanship gamesmanship. Because of gamesmanship and 'R' vs 'D', many good people still aren't aware of the betrayal of "their guy".

As we are distracted, thus lose sight of what is most important and uncompromisable, progressives in both parties successfully attack the very foundation of our way of life and liberty. The acquiescence to the statists on the issue of property rights is an example of this truism. The right to own property that is protected by blind justice -- the rule of law -- is the cornerstone of freedom in a free society. Yet many progressive statists -- and co-opting Republicans -- don't even acknowledge this essential freedom, doing their best to, even in plain sight, to tear what is left of this essential right apart.

But just what is the concept of property rights?

Les Carpenter at Rational Nation answers this query in an excellent essay, "Property Rights -vs- Progressive Statism" that is hopefully the first of many in a series at RN.

Good job!

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