Oh, that San Diego Traffic

By the Left Coast Rebel

Those of you that live here have experienced it (I'm talking to you).

It's horrible and seems to just be getting worse.

Today was Three-Dollar Tuesday at the San Diego Fair, aka the Del Mar Fair; I shot this shot as I felt like shooting myself repeatedly on the way home from work.

san diego traffic

Today, it took me 2 hours to drive about 5 miles...

Updated: WC Varones goes Chinese.


  1. Dude, I was on my bicycle on 101. I passed hundreds if not thousands of cars, and I made it home waaaay before friends who tried to cover the same distance in a car.

    I was planning to drive to work tomorrow, but with traffic like this, I think I'll bike again!

  2. I'll tell you, WC, I was half tempted to park the truck and just walk to Carlsbad, I would have made if faster.

  3. Saw something like on the way to Dallas once, course it did not last two hours...


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