The Obama Legacy (VIRAL VIDEO)

Via the Lonely Conservative who got it from Maggie (who notes that it can be found at GM’s Place, among others) via Reaganite Republican who saw it at Conservative Hideout [who notes that the video can be found at The Augur’s Well, 5ft3, TeresAmerica, Bunkerville, Always on Watch (who points out that the video is featured at Jus' Sayin'), Randy's Roundtable (with a link to Adrienne's post) America’s Watchtower, "My Blog," Mueller Stuff, Trestin Meacham,Conservatives on Fire & The Conservative Lady] and Mind-Numbed Robot...

This video is clearly worth of its viral status. Enjoy:

I shan't be surprised if I see the video at The Other McCain very soon.

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  1. The video, while it depicts reality, the same reality is painful... I can only hope it is painful enough for people to see the truth and act on it!


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