No Sheeples Here will be Sorely Missed

By the Left Coast Rebel

I was just sifting through a mountain of unread emails and happened across an unfortunate note from Carol, the photoshop-goddess behind the scenes at No Sheeples Here. It seems Carol has exited the blogosphere for the time being, for a variety of reasons we bloggers can all relate to. Political blogging is often a thankless, pay-less, stressful, grating endeavor that can take its toll. We don't blame her for needing to take a break.

She'll be missed. Her stinging sarcasm shines in every single graphic:



She's been at this game for a while and the interwebs will be all-the-worse-off now that she is gone. Even though her site has been deleted, Google image searches still produce mountains of her awesome graphics.

We'll miss you, Carol, and hope to see you back in the trenches one day soon.


  1. Thanks for the kind words Tim and for resurrecting a few of my favorite 'shops.

    Warm regards,


  2. We need No Sheeples back soon!

    You can take your break, Carol, but you're going to be drafted for the fight in 2012.

  3. Good post. I think we all have posted our devotions to carol. I too hope she will return someday but don't blame her for taking leave in the slightest. Like you said, political blogging is often thankless and without pay. Her site was akin to tackling a fulltime job and a half.


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