Mitt Romney Vs the Sun

By the Left Coast Rebel

I just posted this to my Facebook account but wanted to post it here again -- I LOVE this photoshop that RightKlik did of Mitt Romney's shameless pandering to the globe-bull-warming crowd!

640 x 286 version, note the RightKlik watermark @ bottom, right of the image:

Romney vs Sun by RightKlik

1024 x 457 version (my apologies if your browser cuts this one off):

Romney vs Sun by RightKlik

RightKlik is one of the best bloggers across the 'sphere (smart dude, smarter than me), I truly wish that he had the option to blog full time and I really appreciate the material that he has offered up at LCR. For example, his now viral updates to yesterday's Think Progress post -- read, distributed and linked by none other than Harry Binswanger of the Ayn Rand Institute -- effectively exposed Think Progress's "religious" sources as virulent anti-capitalists and communists.

A super high-res version of the Mitt Romney Vs Sun image can be found here.


  1. Thanks...

    I Wish I had time to learn how to use photoshop like a pro! Oh well, sometimes the quick and dirty "photoshopping" turns out to be the most effective.

  2. No problem, RK, this is a great piece of work!

  3. With all due respect the term "communist" is one of the most over used and intentionally misused {as well as erroneous in this case} term of the past three quarter century.

    A more accurate and defensible term would be progressive collective statism with a definite strong altruistic rationale.

    I would be most interested in Professor Binswanger's take on this subject.

    As a strong advocate of Rand's Objectivist philosophy it would be most enlightening for sure.

  4. Les - Often I use terms here, statist, communist, fascist, collectivist, progressive-collectivists that unite -- often with distinguishing characteristics -- the broad swaths of far-left groups and individuals that stand against any and all forms of human freedom.

    "Communist" sticks better than "Progressive-Collectivist-Statist", although the term is correct.

    We're arguing semantics here, for instance, I called the Faith in Public Life group as,

    "communist leftist conglomeration of Chavez-lusting zealots"

    And, RightKlik, as,

    "Jim Wallis, one of the aforementioned religious leaders denouncing the GOP's modest efforts to save future generations from crushing debt, has deep roots in Marxism, Communism, and radical anti-Americanism"

    Trust me, these guys are communists in the Leninist mold.

  5. Tim - As you clarified "in the Leninist mold" {and I would add Stalinist as well} I will concede the point on that basis.

    Marx on the other hand was first and foremost an economist in the mold of Adam Smith. He viewed capitalism as the best and most productive economic system ever devised at his time in history.

    Where he strayed was later in life and his belief that a Utopian communist system would replace capitalism. The natural result he believed of capitalism and the very efficiencies it creates.

  6. Thanks, Les, this is a conversation -- and point about Marx -- that I recall you and I having on the phone as well and something you have enlightened me a bit on (and that I appreciate).

  7. I'll try to find the quote in which Jim Wallis claims to be an "ex" Marxist or Communist. I know I've read it somewhere. I'd go out on a limb and bet that his status as an "ex" is only a matter of convenience.

  8. Right, and political expedience, too.

  9. Fun stuff! Mitt Romney deserves to be thoroughly and repeatedly rebuked so that we don't we find ourselves McCain-ed again in 2012.

    By the way, how does one blog full-time (well, blog full-time for pay)? I spend way too much time doing it for free.

  10. I hear you, FMJ. I wish I could earn good money doing this, I would do it full time then. Thanks for checking in.


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