"libertarians are working to advance the freedom of people other than themselves..more consistently than some of the liberals who sneer at them"

By the Left Coast Rebel

Conor Friedersdorg, writing at The Atlantic:

With the U.S. waging multiple wars, the federal government bigger in size and scope than ever before, and civil liberties under unprecedented attack from the surveillance state, Stephen Metcalf has written a jeremiad against libertarianism, which he singles out as a force that ails America. It isn't that his whole critique is without merit. My own "pragmatic libertarian" sensibility is offended by some excesses he mentions. But there is a lot more wrong with his argument than right.


But you're just misinformed if you think that libertarians as a whole care for nothing more than their self-interest. Countless libertarians are working to advance the freedom and fair-treatment of people other than themselves. Often they do so more consistently than some of the liberals who sneer at them.

Friedersdorg's piece is the latest in the rebuttals to Stephen Metcalf's Slate Magazine attack on libertarianism.

Matt Welch at Reason has a good link-fest rebuttal piece up today, too as does Owen Brennan at PJ's Tatler.

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  1. Great post Tim! Seems the statists, sadly Ann Coulter among them, are becoming terrified at the prospect of a genuinely liberty conscious electorate. As Lord Acton said: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  2. Right, LA, I'm not a fan of Coulter or many of the statists on the GOP side...

  3. 20 years ago a libertarian was viewed as eccentric. Now they're being view as the only true savior of the republic, myself included.


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