LCR at American Thinker, "General Motors CEO Dan Akerson Calls for Hike in Federal Gasoline Tax

Purdy, ain't it? It better be - Obama broke GM's back and made you and me pay for it

By the Left Coast Rebel

Yesterday I caught an incredible story that was lost in the Weinergate mix. Government Motors, crony capitalism, the automotive industry bailouts, issues that every Main Street American can relate to are covered in a small piece that I wrote at American Thinker yesterday.

From American Thinker:

How long ago was it that Obama took over General Motors, thwarted contract law, inserted UAW cronies and pulled the ultimate crony-capitalist card in firing GM's CEO, Rick Wagoner?

Not long enough ago enough for most Americans to not be mad as hell about this story:

(CNN) General Motors CEO Dan Akerson said his company and his industry would be helped, not hurt, if consumers paid higher gas taxes.

In an interview published in Tuesday's Detroit News, Akerson floated the idea of a $1 a gallon increase in the gas tax as a way to encourage buyers to purchase smaller, more fuel efficient cars. Greg Martin, spokesman for GM's Washington office, confirmed that the quotes reflect Akerson's and GM's view.

This is one of those stories that cuts across party lines and ideological spectrums. Please head over to AT and read the rest.

Related: It's not that Americans can't relate to this story and the hideousness of crony capitalism. Bush started the bailouts but Obama owns them now -- only 24% of Americans share Teh One's statist views.

From Rasmussen:

Most voters still believe President Obama is more liberal than they are, while just one-out-of-four say they share the same ideological views as the president.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 54% of Likely U.S. Voters think Obama is more ideologically liberal than they are, while only 13% view him as more conservative. Twenty-four percent (24%) say their political views are about the same as the president's. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

That's pretty amazing. Read the rest, discussion at Memeorandum.


  1. A lot of stories are being overlooked because of the Wiener-gate starry...

  2. Totally right, John, it's a distraction.

  3. It's very unfortunate that the chattering class thinks that a clean break from this repugnant statism is somehow an affront to moderation.

    Obama is so extreme, but he got elected.

    And the GOP is supposed to nominate a big government mini-Dem?

    I don't get it.

  4. Totally, RK. The nation needs a candidate -- and a party -- that is as "extreme" as Obama but his polar opposite.

    I don't get it either, it just shows me how stupid the powers that be are in the GOP.


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