Kathy Hochul already hard at work and trying to rewrite her voting record

It's not a good sign when you need to rewrite your voting record three weeks into your term.

On Monday, Kathy Hochul released a curious press release making the following claim:

I promised to fight to protect seniors and ensure the survival of Medicare. Well I’m proud to say my very first vote, on my very first day, in Congress was against the Republican budget that would decimate Medicare.

While Kathy Hochul did run against the Republican budget, her press release is seems to be lacking something...perhaps truth?

Obviously the "Republican budget that would decimate Medicare" gets the liar, liar pants on fire rating from politifact. However, I'm not sure if the line about her first vote being against the Republican budget is a delusion of grandeur or cry for attention.

The congressional record is quite clear, Kathy Hochul's first vote was on HR 2017, an appropriations bill for the department of homeland security. In fact, Kathy Hochul has not voted on anything remotely related to Medicare. Regardless, it's hard to vote against a bill that passed months ago.

It's too bad honesty wasn't a bigger issue in May's special election than medicare.


  1. Her seat is not going to exist after this term. The only reason she's there in the first place is because of a phony Tea Party candidate.

  2. should I hold my breath waiting for media coverage of this?

  3. I'm close to her district, so locally there's been plenty of coverage. Jack Davis, the fake tea party candidate, is a well known slimeball around here. Don't know what his payoff was.
    The seat is going to be redistricted out of existence.


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