John Edwards Indicted

Yes, my brain, member and moral compass really are that small

By the Left Coast Rebel

Big news today, John Edwards -- former Senator, ambulance-chasing attorney and failed leftist class warrior presidential contender -- has been indicted by a grand jury for violating federal law, apparently for "secretly obtaining" and "misusing" campaign contributions while trying to cover up his extra-marital affair whilst running for POTUS during 2008. Indictment can be found here.

The grand jury, which has been investigating the case for two years, indicted Mr. Edwards on six counts — four involving illegal payments, one involving conspiracy and one involving false statements.

At issue are financial contributions that prosecutors say Mr. Edwards received in excess of federal limits, did not report properly and then misused for the political purpose of hiding his extramarital affair to save his candidacy. Mr. Edwards has maintained that he used the money to hide the affair, but for private purposes — to conceal it from his wife.

Mr. Edwards had a chance to reach a plea agreement and avoid the indictment, but he has chosen not to do so and will fight the chargesThat will be a zoo.

Edwards is gambling that he will win the case, and that he won’t have to give up his law license.

T. Christopher's (Republican Redefined) take:
He’s presumed innocent until proven otherwise, so I guess we’ll have to play the old wait-and-see on that one; but it sure looks like the Former Senator is in a whole heap of trouble. I’m sure you’ve heard the old throwaway line that “you can indict a ham sandwich” – well this is indicting a really big friggin sandwich. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Edwards’s stature made the indictment harder to obtain. If anything, the very public story made that outcome more likely. What I am saying is that if this Justice Department is willing to pick up this case; I’d be willing to speculate that the evidence is pretty damning.
More analysis from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, discussion at Memeorandum and Google Trends.

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  1. This guy got a free pass from the lame stream media from day one. Many who voted for Obama, undoubtedly voted for Kerry/ they still trust their ability to judge character. Not to mention Edwards wasn't qualified for the position...sound familiar.


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