"It's The Economy Stupid" - Why Obama Is Beatable In 2012

by: Les Carpenter
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President Obama IS beatable. With continuing anemic economic growth, sustained high unemployment, and skyrocketing deficits, it is becoming more obvious to the American voter the Hope and Change they voted for in 2008 has turned into Despondency and Despair under his leadership.

The field of opposition candidates must remain focused on Obama's failures and they must do so with understandable verifiable facts. In doing so whoever ultimately gets the nod to run against Obama in the 2012 general election will have a good chance of taking the White House from him. As long as they remain focused on facts with respect to Obama's failures, AND present a positive vision for the future. A vision coupled by specific steps to realize it.

Visit Rasmussen Reports for Obama's current approval index and more.

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