"If the immigrants understood what was happening in America there would be a revolt against those politicians"

By the Left Coast Rebel

So says Tito Muñoz, a Colombian immigrant who owns a construction company, profiled in a surprisingly good Roll Call article on how immigrants are turning to the Tea Party movement.

There's a lot of good stuff at the link but the essence is simple and summed up in the headline of this post: immigrants that come to America in pursuit of the American Dream and that are sentient enough to see what is happening to this nation are aghast by our slide.

They must be thinking, "where is the nation that I came to, founded upon the pursuit of happiness, free enterprise and individual rights?"

The socialism that our government has forced upon our nation is not unlike that of the myriad banana republics that many immigrants (especially Latin) have witnessed firsthand.

It should come as no shock that they relate to the Tea Party Tenets.

Via Memeorandum.

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